In today’s ever-changing, modern world of business, many companies and leaders are increasingly aware of the importance that being “agile” plays. This is a management style that has been borrowed from the world of software and is a concept that requires a flexible leader; one who is adaptable and above all fast thinking when it comes to making decisions. So just what is it that makes someone an agile leader in today’s busy world?

They are present

The agile leader of today is someone who is present. While it is critical to success that they are strategic, it is vital that they lead effectively and in the present. This gives greater awareness when it comes to making the best decision on any challenges that face your team. Don’t just make your presence felt but actually listen and ask the right questions in order to help drive your decisions.

They are inspiring

Being an agile leader is more than just a way of working; it is the ability to help promote an agile community within your business unit. The agile leader of today needs to be able to inspire innovation and creativity in their employees in order to ensure that they are getting the best from everyone while continuing to propel the business forward.

They are fast thinking

The agile leader is someone who is able to make important decisions and fast; they can solve a problem and respond to an issue promptly. This allows everyone else to continue working and making the most of the time that they have in order to complete whatever they are working on. This may involve being creative in order to find the necessary solutions, but they get the job done.

They are adaptable

Although there are many ways in which a business can be agile, possibly the most important one is being able to demonstrate a degree of agility with employees. For the agile leader of today, this means being able to adapt management style to individual employees in order to get the best results from every individual. In doing this, you will show each member of your team what a valued and integral part of the overall team they are. And, you will show how much you appreciate their individual skills.

They can let go

A good agile leader is able to identify those aspects of a problem that are simply not working and let them go rather than trying to find a solution.